Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ah, Comic (Sans) Relief!

As I've been continually saying that Facebook is boring these days, I do have to say that I have a few friends, and I mean a few, who post funny, even hilarious things that I always check out. Whether it be a comic, article, blog or whatever, they are the people worth staying on Facebook for.

One person in particular, whom I've never met, is Chantel. I won't go into how I "know" her, but she is a person on my list who I wish to meet in person. I find her intriguing and an amazing human being. So much to say about her, but I will just keep it at that.

She posted this today.. no idea how she found it, but it made me laugh out loud. And since I owed a blog post today, I thought.. this is it :)

I also found it ironic, as I was preparing/creating our holiday cards last night on Shutterfly, I was agonizing over some fonts. I love the fact that this particular card gave me so many options, but I could NOT find the right three to look "right." I did find what I needed and placed the order.. but this just came at the most apporpriate time.

For those who LOVE fonts, and I mean LOVE them.. or are writers/bloggers, this one is for you!


Friday, November 11, 2011

Still bored

Decided to write here again today as I don't have a kid related post.

I continue to be bored with Facebook. Anyone else? I keep trying to figure it out. I've been generally happy with the changes (although not many others are), but I just can't get excited about many of my friend's statuses. I even deleted a bunch of people to help with this issue, but it's only helped a tiny bit.

I guess it's time for round 3 of the deleting process. You have been warned :)

In other news, today is 11/11/11 which I'm declaring as my lucky day :) Elevens have been showing up in  my world for a few years now. I decided to look up what 11 actually meant and in short, it means that you're "ready for the next best thing." Basically being totally open to what's ahead. I always find that amazing as I'm usually not that type of person, but there's times I start to tell myself "maybe you don't know yourself as well as you think."

Leading up to my lucky day, yesterday was one of the best days with my daughter in weeks. She's finally well enough that her nose isn't running all day, her appetite is back and she's happy. As I stated in my Mom Blog, we're having slight sleep issues, but nothing major. I have some tricks up my sleeve that I hope will work :)

Today was a pretty chill day (literally and figuratively) as we went to a playdate, had lunch and I got a bunch of things done I hadn't done all week due to me being sick.

It's time to ramp up for a semi-busy weekend, but all great stuff. Open House for a local pre-school, Holiday photo shoot and some me time on Sunday.

I guess.. life is good? :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Writing Block

Forgive me readers for I have sinned. It's been six months since my last blog...

As I always say, it's hard to believe it has been that long since I have written, but I tend to write less as the Spring and Summer arises due to the sun showing it's face and with so much more to do outside.

I got an alert today from Blogger about upgrading my "other blogs" to my Google account. Other blogs? I thought it might be spam, but I clicked on one of the links anyway to check. I didn't even remember the titles of these blogs. One was a test so I at least had an excuse there, but the other one I had written three entries back in 2002. I vaguely remember doing that, but when I read the last entry, I did start to remember. One of my friends had a blog and sent me over to Blogger to start mine. I wanted to have a diary of sorts but had given up on acutal writing (now writing more than a Thank You Note cramps my hand). I had started that one but only made three entries. It's too bad as I was blogging about my adjusstment to Massachussets, or Worcester in general, and it would have been great to go back and see how much I've grown here. Oh well.. live and learn.

I've been thinking about wring for a few weeks now. Lots have happened to me personally, with  my family and with the world in general. I once again wish I had been writing something, but I really have no excuse. I spend several hours a day watching TV. Sometimes I'm doing something else while watching and other times not. It really comes down to my commitment and what I want to "remember." Writing this today is a good start.

I do recall, however, why I stopped writing though. I had gotten a HUGE energy spike earlier this year from finding other local bloggers and mom bloggers. I went to a few events, as I wanted to see if I could actually have a "job" writing blogs. Although the events were OK, I wasn't blown away. I met some really great people, but unfortunately, none of those people were really using their blogs for monetary use. Most had just started (a lot like me) and didn't have the monetary part as an end goal.

As with many things I've done in my life, I got very frustrated after putting a lot of energy into something and when it didn't work as quickly as I'd like, I give up or pull away. I could probably go back into my calendar and look at when the last meeting was and when I stopped writing to find the correlation.

It's no one's fault other than mine and I guess that needed to happen. I have other things I like to put energy into and places where things (or people) take my time. This is a choice, but I always think I can take on a lot for a small amount of time. Usually that is not the case.

So for now, I'll be back just writing about my life and what's going on, my opinions and thoughts on things that pass along my Facebook feed or news stories I hear from friends or family. I do love to write, but when I lose the context of why I started, the frustration happens and I "quit."

Luckily, I received that email from Blogger and it got me to this page at least.

Something like this blog only takes me about 15-20 minutes to write. I actually could write daily.. even if it were a line or two to keep things going, but that's not me. If I write, I have a lot to say and I usually takes a bit.

For the 10th time, maybe I will take on a game to write daily, either here or on my mom blog, to see what shows up. It's worth a shot :)