Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ah, Comic (Sans) Relief!

As I've been continually saying that Facebook is boring these days, I do have to say that I have a few friends, and I mean a few, who post funny, even hilarious things that I always check out. Whether it be a comic, article, blog or whatever, they are the people worth staying on Facebook for.

One person in particular, whom I've never met, is Chantel. I won't go into how I "know" her, but she is a person on my list who I wish to meet in person. I find her intriguing and an amazing human being. So much to say about her, but I will just keep it at that.

She posted this today.. no idea how she found it, but it made me laugh out loud. And since I owed a blog post today, I thought.. this is it :)

I also found it ironic, as I was preparing/creating our holiday cards last night on Shutterfly, I was agonizing over some fonts. I love the fact that this particular card gave me so many options, but I could NOT find the right three to look "right." I did find what I needed and placed the order.. but this just came at the most apporpriate time.

For those who LOVE fonts, and I mean LOVE them.. or are writers/bloggers, this one is for you!


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Georgiana said...

Awesome! I've never been a fan of comic sans and it was like he was talking to me. :)